Flagship Properties is the brainchild of property investors with more than 16 years’ worth of experience. We got our humble beginnings in the Phoenix property market when we purchased a few properties there. For years we owned and operated our own properties while working in real estate, before realizing we could put our expertise to use … for you.

Now we help owners and tenants find the management help and beautiful homes they’ve been searching for. Whether you’re an owner wanting to build a portfolio or just keep a home in the family, or a tenant looking for a place to call home, we’re all about it. Our background in real estate makes us even more suited to help, because we know a good property when we see it, and only work with the best. Owners and tenants both benefit from this attention to quality.

Today, we maintain a small inventory of residential and commercial spaces, always ensuring we never outgrow ourselves, so you can get the best possible service around.